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Songs make daily speech practice fun and easy

At home, school, or even in the car, follow the Speechercise workout leaders through the musical workout:

  • Warm up with silly yet important basic mouth movements
  • Songs and drills that focus on basic vowel and consonant sounds, complex vowel-consonant transitions, and advanced word level strings
  • Silly song tongue twisters to end the practice workout

Scroll down and listen to song samples NOW!

Speechercise was developed by Twin Sisters Productions and a nationally certified Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) to help children who may

    • Mispronounce a sound in certain words, yet pronounce it clearly in other words
    • Leave out entire syllables from longer words
    • Leave off the beginning or ending sounds of words?
    • Make the /T/ or /K/ sounds incorrectly
    • Pronounce words differently from situation to situation
    • Have difficulty combining sounds into words
    • Struggle to move the tongue, lips, and jaw consistently

BONUS! The Enhanced Music CD includes over 65 pages of PDF documents to print from your own computer:

  • Parent Guide with more detailed, helpful information on childhood speech and language problems
  • Lyrics 
  • Over 30 worksheets to reinforce the Speechercise workout

Follow these steps to access and print the PDF documents:
Insert the Enhanced Music CD into your computer drive. Open MY COMPUTER. RIGHT CLICK on the CD Drive. Select OPEN from the drop down menu. Open the folders and/or documents like you would open any other folder or document.

Product is meant for Ages 3 to 6
  • Jaw Drops
  • Tongue Pushups
  • Tongue Slides
  • Tongue Circles
  • Lip Press
  • Silly Faces
  • Vowel Circuit
  • Consonant Intervals
  • Basic Consonant Drill
  • PA PO Song
  • POP BOP Drill
  • Crazy K Sounds
  • Hard Sound of /g/
  • /k/ & /g/ Combination
  • Silly PATAKA Song
  • B0-DOE-GO Drill
  • CVC Drill
  • Saying Sentences
  • Silly Tongue Twisters
  • Billy Baboon
  • Dancing Deer
  • Goofy Goats
  • Katie Kissed
  • Little Ladies Laughed
  • Pesky Pirates
  • Royal Red Robots
  • Silly Sally’s Sister
  • Thank The Turtles

Product Code: TW8032CD      
Product Type: CD      
ISBN#: 1575837366      

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