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 The Power of Music!! 

News from Twin Sisters Productions

Music is powerful and contributes much to both the learning process and the learning environment. As a teacher and a mother, I’ve observed firsthand the power of music in the classroom and in the family!

The testimonies of effective classroom teachers, successful students, and pleased parents are sufficient proof that music must be prominent in the educational process and curricula —while many researchers still debate the positive correlation between music and learning!

Think about it. Music is an ideal teaching method because it is auditory, kinesthetic —encourages movement and expression —and ultimately touches one’s emotions. Songs, poems, rhymes, and raps are incredibly effective methods for learning basic skills, concepts, and even standards —learning that lasts a lifetime!

Music adds an element of fun to the classroom and the home! Young children love to sing, interpret, and perform. Music can brighten a dark day, lighten a heavy discussion, and be just the vehicle for sparking fun and creativity among siblings and students.

Music often calms tension, focuses thinking, inspires creativity, and reduces mental fatigue for the youngest infant, a fussy toddler, the distracted student, a way-too-stressed adult, and even the elderly.

Preschool and elementary age children are so open and accepting of music from a wide range of genres, styles, and cultures. The challenge is for teachers and parents to introduce young children to great music! Doing so lays a foundation for learning and for later involvement in music, which in turn powerfully encourages self-esteem, self-expression, creativity, and self-discipline.

Studies prove that playing music to children at a young age will set them up for a lifetime of learning achievement. Play music to:

  • Increase IQ performance
  • Enhance spatial reasoning
  • Inspire creative development
  • Watch minds grow

Neonatologists believe that young babies can respond to music and different sounds that they heard while still in the womb.



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